I have a Feeling this game will be like EVE Dust 514

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hmm have you been checking gameplay videos of Destiny. the game is  looking nothing like Dust 514  I say Dust 514 is more like mag and Destiny is in its own league looking to have an awesome story  and its looking to be a great  mmo game for coop with buddies to kill NPC together.  also the game suppose to have some kind of player vs player. take care

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i think he is referring to the micro-transactions, that are prevalent in the free to play dust 514
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Destiny is going to be more like "Borderlands Online" kinda style. And I agreed with adamg78, Dust 514 is more like MAG.

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The game is going to be neither like Borderlands or Dust 514.

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Considering how long it has been since Bungie has actually released a really good game I dont expect this to be all that amazing. Halo and halo 3 were great games, reach has great mp though that I still play but the single player in that is just meh.

They have been making this game for a very very very long time it doesn't look all that interesting too me. Bungie has stopped being my favorite after they stopped making games seriously after Halo 3.

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@adamg78: whoa whoa whoa buddy-- MAG incorporated some slight elements of fun, which was forgone in Dust 514

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for me the game plays very similar to defiance with better graphics and game play.