This is an absoulutely fine game in Virtual Life genre, but it has some critical handicaps...

User Rating: 7 | Desperate Housewives: The Game PC
Desperate Housewives TV Episodes is very successful that it pasts years that many people watch it all over the world. It still goes on and it has the same fun and quality like the first day we watched it.

The game is about the TV Episodes but has different storyline. You move into the neighborhood as a new neighbour at the very beginning of the game and the story goes on! You can do many things in the game and live as a desperate housewife in the lovely atmosphere of Wisteria Lane. You can change your furnitures, make sex with your husband, cheat on your husband, talk to everyone in the neighbourhood, go shopping, make your garden as you wish... and more! You can even guide the storyline by your choosings.

It is all good for now. But there are serious handicaps that makes the player get bored at the high levels of the game; especially after the end of the story part. The biggest problem is that you can't do anything after you finish the story and it becomes meaningless after all...

And there are some problems about the camera controlling that you don't have enough freedom about this topic. The other major problem is that you can not get into relationships freely. There are some choices that you can click on and your character interacts someone.

If you don't have trouble with those, you can have so much fun while playing this lovely game. And you can be the best friend of the most desperate housewives of the country!