This game IMO deserves a little higher from gamespot and from the other review sites.

After i finished soul caliber 2 i awaited the release of soul caliber 3 for a long time. When it was finally released I didnt hesistate to try it out. I think it deserves higher than an 8.2 i . The graphics in the game are some of the best on the ps2 with exellent character models . Only complaint is the custom chracter models arent as good but there ok. The sound is ok it uses alot of the same sounds from the other games. The value is good b/c even after u complete the game ull still wanna play it by urself and with friends. The gameplay is simply awesome. It has changed noticibly from soul caliber and the characters are balanced better this time. The combat seems a little different but ull get used to it after playing with the computer. The moves are still easily pulled off and cool to look at. Although some of the cutscenes in the story get repeated over and over for different characters its still fun to go throuhg it(tales of souls mode) the cronicles of teh sword mode is rubbish but the other modes are fun and this game is soo much fun to play with other ppl.