Kicks my ass

User Rating: 10 | Descent: Freespace - The Great War PC
I remember when i first got this game, i was looking around my house and i found a paper cd case. Inside was a cd labeled "Descent: Freespace." I had never seen this game before and i assumed it came free with something we bought. So i popped it in, installed it, and ran the game. I remember that when i got to the menu it was the cool kind of futuristic hanger. I started looking around, went to all the rooms and just messed around for a while. So i started my first mission, which was a blast, but it was no real challenge. I reasily blew through the vasudians with little effort when suddenly out of nowhere comes these red and black ships that were killing everyone. They swarmed all over the place and i had 5 on my tail, and they took so many shots. It was scary in a way, but i always managed to come through. Then came The Lucifer, the huge ship that seemed unbeatable. Enemy fighters stopped you from getting close, and the ship itself could easily overpower you. But in the end i did it and came out victorious. Now with all the nostalgia out of the way, this game is perfect. The gameplay is addictive. I usually like space sims, the feel of weightlessness and flying around was great. But there werent many games that did it right, Freespace did. The graphics were amazing, the Shivas felt dark and forboding and the general look of space was great. I could go on but all i want to say is that this game is one of the best ive ever played, its up there with fallout and the like, a good purchase for anyone.