The best scripted flying game EVER.

User Rating: 9.4 | Descent: Freespace - The Great War PC
The stage is set for The Great War in the opening cutscene...and it doesn't slow down until the game is over.

-The plot, the plot, the plot. Engaging...engrossing. It's voice acting is top-notch. The in-game talking is fabulous. Keeps you right with what's going on.
-The graphics are brilliant. Ahead of their time. lighting is beatuiful and the weapons firing and impact on shields and ships looks amazing.
-The sound is heavy and hard-hitting. The weapons sound like their unloading some powerful heat.
-The gameplay is as good as it gets. Control (particularly with a good controller) is just right and has all the amenities that you come to expect in a flight sim. And many times you'll hyperspace out of a firefight just in time...ready to get to the next stressful briefing.
-Addiction levels are high with this one.
-Adjustable difficulty ensure a good time no matter what your level is.

-I wish it was a longer game.
-No online play = middling replay value.

If you have yet to play this underappreciated masterpiece, find a copy of this game and spin it up. If you have a flight stick, you won't be disappointed.

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