Descent: Freespace - The Great War Cheats For PC

  1. Infinite Weapons

    This ''secret'' allows you to have infinite weapons and also be able to progress to the next mission. First you must be in Freespace on the flight deck. From there click on the tech room. Then select any mission from the mission selector. When you commit into the mission enable the cheats holding down the ~ button (located left of the 1 key) while typing, then enable god mode(~I) and infinite weapons(~W, do this one twice). Then with these cheats finish the mission. Once you have finished accept your debriefing and then it will send you back to the flight deck. From there you can continue with your campaign and you will have unlimited energy weapons and missiles in all the missions you do there after, but once you exit Freespace it will be disabled. So when you play Freespace again you'll have to repeat this procedure again.

    Contributed by: NSalo 

  2. Cheat Codes

    Type and hold ~ while doing cheats:

    Code Effect
    freespacestandsalone View All Movies
    Alt + K Applies 10% damage to self
    Alt + Shift + K Applies 10% damage to target
    Shift + K Destroy targeted sub- on target
    Shift + W Infinite weapons for all ships
    W Infinite weapons for player
    R Issue rearm request for target
    Alt + G Mark bonus goals complete
    G Mark primary goals complete
    Shift + G Mark secondary goals complete
    K Kill target
    O Toggle Descent style physics
    I Toggle invulnerability
    Shift + I Toggle invulnerability on target
    Shift + C Toggle availablitly of countermeasures for ships

    Contributed by: TubeRacer 

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