Downloaded Demo

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I downloaded the demo to this game yesterday. I had to go elsewhere to get a good copy as the Game Spot one went funky on me. Oh well. It's certainly different than Syberia, which I consider the standard for this genre. The solutions are so far working out rather logically as what would you do with narrowed choices? That in and of itself is often the biggest clue. Your character is, well, a jerk. That's a change of pace from other like games. Quality adventure games that actually get released are rare as we all know. So far, it looks like a minimum of 8.0 and could easily score higher with me, especially if the demo intrigues me to purchase the game. (What a concept!)

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Well, saved games are not taking hold. :(

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LOL Maybe my saved games did not hold, because I was on the verge of the end of the demo. BTW, I'll probably buy the game.