Worth picking up?

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Love dark souls and still play it, never played this and i've heard that lots of folks think this is the superior game. Do people still play online? Worth grabbing?

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Yes, Demon's Souls is still very popular and played online by all amounts of people! Personally, I don't agree that Demon's Souls is superior to Dark Souls, but this game is still very much playable along side Dark Souls. You'll transition from one to the other with easy. Also, you'll find that Demon's Souls is a noticeable amount less difficult than Dark Souls. You'll have a few things to learn vis-a-vis healing mechanics and weapon upgrading, but it's still a great game and should be played by a fellow fan of Dark Souls. Plus, it's cheap now!

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Demon souls you will find the legit PVPers ill say. Be souls level range 120-130 shrine of storms 4-1
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Darksouls PVE good. PVP sucks
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Yes, i cant recommend this game enough. Demons souls is just as good as demons souls if not better. You should really pick this up and play it as soon as you could. Im a level 98 amd im on my second playthrough and am just as addicted to demons souls as i was on my first. You should definetely play this game.
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PSN has it for cheap at the moment, can't wait to try it out!

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I got the game free for being a PS+ subscriber. Finished the game today and absolutely loved it. You should definitely get it if you're a fan of Dark Souls.