Looks like a PS2 game, plays like a PS1 game

This game is probably the worst game I've played in the past five years, and I think it would take the award for worst game on the 360. Incredibly repetitive levels, awful graphics (it's probably an insult to consider them ps2 quality) and really wonky controls combine to form a steaming pile of movie/game tie-in garbage. The cutscenes look like they were some cg cinema student's sophomore final project--they're extremely uninspired. Overall, I could only recommend this game if you were farming for achievements, and even then it's hard to recommend it.
One nitpicky thing that bothered me about this game is that I can't stand it when achievements don't stack--why do we have to play it twice for both the normal and hard game completion achievements if we played it once on hard? And the fact that you can't have multiple game saves means all that work you put into leveling up your characters on normal is gone when you start a new game on the hard difficulty setting. WHY?