Marvel: war of Heroes beginner's guide !!!!

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Marvel: war of heroes beginner's Guide !!! Welcome to my Marvel: War of Heroes beginner guide ! I am writing this guide for 2 reason, 1. I want to EARN your referral. Yes I mean EARN not trick or anything, with my effort of giving you this great guide. 2. The guide I looked up when I started the game kinda *bleep*ed me up a bit, not a lot because I realized what I was doing wrong. I am currently lvl30 and I still see many people making the same mistake I made yet not knowing it. (possibly reading from same guide) So after you read this guide and you think I have earned it. Please bump up the thread and use this Referral Code: kxf949147 Here are some basic information you should know: Basic actions : Mission - Gaining player's level, feeder cards, and resources. (Completing resource collection will grant you a powerful rare card, you can complete the same collection 3 times to fusion a rare card+) Boss fight - Advancing to next chapter Battle - STEALING another player's silver, resources, and also improving card mastery that was played in the battle. ( It cost attack/defend power) Fusion - Combining two same card to create a stronger card ( It cost silver ) Boosting - Using some less important card as a feeder card to level up an important card. ( It cost silver) Stats point: Stats point can be spent on three thing: Energy, Attack POWER, and Defense POWER. - Gaining level will grant you 3 stats points. - Completing a mission will grant you 1 stats points. - Befriending will grant you 5 stats point. Player level - Gaining players level will increase the max number of friends you can have, you start with 5 friends. What you should know about the Card : The rarity - - base 4* and up cards: Definitely keeper!! Fully Boost and Master both card before fusing - base 3*: OKAY card for fillers and early battle. Fully Boost before fusing, Mastering is optional. - base 1* & 2*: Feeder card!! DO NOT bother Boosting and Mastering, they are mainly feeder cards. Fusing those feeder card before boosting is optional since it cost silvers Card level - Improving the card's attack stats and defense stats through boosting Power required - the power that is required to use the card from either ATT power or DEF power. The higher ATT power or DEF power you got, the more card or stronger card you can use in a BATTLE, not a mission. (Level a card or Fusion a card will not increase the power requirement.) Mastery - you gain a big attack and defense boost when you max the card's mastery. Some card has ridiculous mastery level but the boost is worth it !! Ability - you can read the effect, but what you really should pay attention is the level and the USAGE( the % of the ability to proc in a battle ) Here is my guide for you to start the game: 1. Don't start playing Marvel without a referral code! It will not only give me, but also you a rare card (Rare Black Widow!) plus 2000 silver. The card is a pretty powerful card to start, and very very powerful once you level/master it !!! 2. In the beginning, you should put 2 out of 3 pt in defend and 1pt in Energy. (The low investment in energy is enough to level without a problem, you do not want too many energy at the early level because you reset your energy when you level up, therefore the extra point will be wasted. ) 3. The first priority of stats point should be defense. The number of defense depends mostly on your level, you should always try to stay above average players. Because higher defense will lower the chance of other players targeting you for your silver and your resource. Since resource is a **** to farm from mission, losing a resource while you are farming one is really painful. (My suggestion will be 20+ around level 7, 40+ around level 12 and 60+ def at level 15. You will soon get a feel of it after you start "picking off" the weak ones from your attack. ) 4. After having enough defense power, you should focus stats point into energy and it will depend mostly on your playing schedule as well as points require to level up. You do not want too many extra point in the early level because you reset your energy when you level up anyway. As for later level, you can adjust it depending on how often you play, you can also take attack power reset time into consideration. 5. Last but not least, the attack power !! Attack power is the least important in early game, because it only affects battle, not leveling or questing. You can most likely do one battle per level or between attack power reset. *You must know that adding attack power in early game will only give you an edge of using extra card, feeder card most likely. Therefore boosting one card's damage is far more beneficial than adding a junk card. This is different from defense stand point: attacker will always attack the weakest one, the one with lowest defense. Moreover, in the beginning, there are lots of players focusing on leveling energy and attack but ignoring defense. You don't need a whole lot to kick someone's butt. ** Remember to do one all-in power battle before you level up or after the attack power reset !! And make sure you fight for resource !! This will greatly help you finish your resource quest !! ** 6. If you decided leveling up your defense is not your style, then keep your silver in the gift box! Think of it as a bank. A lot of silver is needed to enhance and evolve your card and people will be trying to steal your loot. By keeping your silver in the gift box, you're protecting it from being stolen. When you need the silver, just receive it from the gift box. 7. Higher ranked cards will give more experience when used as feeders. Fusion your feeder cards first before using them to boost. 8. Fusing and Max Boosting: When using a fully boosted card in fusion, 10% of the cards stats will be transferred to the fused card. Otherwise, only 5% will be transferred. 9. Always have max team members! Every team member you have gives you an additional 5 status points. 10. Make sure you have enough energy to fight in a quest at least 3 times. You gain rewards only if you fight in a quest at least 3 times. 11. Skill Level: Boosting a UR with 1 Rare (w/ skill) will have a 4% chance of increasing skill level; using 10 Rares (w/ skills) will have a 40% chance of increasing skill level. 12. Farm Operation 2 for feeder cards. Make sure you pick the one with chance dropping base 2* card (e.g. iron-man, wolverine) If you have any question, feel free to pm me. I will update a mid-game and late game guide in the very future. perhaps a card combo guide too. thanks for reading and do not forget to bump and use this code !! Referral Code: kxf949147
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I am honored that you chose to plagiarize my tips...