can't trust the reviews score under 8/10

User Rating: 8.5 | Defiance PS3
I'll be quick : most of the arguments in the "professional" reviews are just not right at best. You'll see "bugs, bugs, and bugs" but it's far from the truth. Occasionnally you'll be kicked from the server, but it happens in all MMO games. When crowded, when you go to a shop, the trading post will take time to appear, again it happens in all MMO games. "jerky frame rates"? I think either the console was defective or it was on the XBOX360 version, as on PS3 the frame rate is 100% stable, even with 50+ mobs and 50+ players in a close environment.
I can't say a thing about PvP as I hate this mode so maybe there's some technicalities there, no idea honestly. I've never seen a boss clip in a door, as in coop maps there's no door where a boss could clip in ... all doors are open ... "Mission progress lost and weapons gone missing" WTF??? None of this has happened to me. Even better : I sometimes only do some partial goals and quit the game and when I come back all I've done is still there and I only complete what's mising. "Delayed or failed attempts to break down your items into resources" I didn't enconter this either.
Amybe it's a problem from the console or connexion? Or maybe it's a problem encountered only once and blown out of proportion?
To do a "review" now as my arguments were only criticism to the Gamespot review.
Gameplay :
The shooting is good, I'm not playing shooters usually, but I can manage to finish most missions, dying for sure 1 or more times. The aim is very different from weapon to weapon, but that's classical in this genre. Weapons are varied, even in the same class. Grenades and missiles are overpowered as in every other shooter I've played, not because of the damage, but because of the precision of the AI - these weapons in reality are used because of their zone of effect and that's why they hit, you usually throw them in an indefinite area hoping someone will be in the zone, totally different from a regular firearm where you aim at a target, so having the AI aim precisely at you is just very unnerving (a grenade thrown will usually bounce and change direction from the one you used intentionnally, and rocket launchers have such a huge recoil it's impossible to aim with it). Most of the gameplay will be guerilla like, shooting a few hits and getting back into cover.
The RPG element is there, even if the game is announced as "shooter MMO". You'l gain levels that unlock special skills, either for yourself, guns or vehicles that you have to equip. Weapons get XP as you use them too, giving minimal bonuses to the category but the weapon has a max level and won't give bonus to the category after some time (players hope it will be patched). There's a limited craft, with weapons having 4 possible slots (sights, magazine ...), you can add a new slot or get back the mods you put but destroying the weapon. Each character will have several configurations allowing 2 weapons, a shield, a grenade and vehicle.
Missions are mostly go there, kill some bad guys and retrive an item or free some guys, as in any kind of MMO, but the settings and layout make the tactic different. That's where coop kicks in as you can join friends, but even a total stranger present will contribute to your mission. Coop maps are short in a good way, being intense and usually ending with a boss.
So yeah graphics are not top notch, but they're good enough, the world is post apocalyptic but there is still nature with bright colors. The character models are detailed and the costumes look great, the monsters are scary and some are really huge.
The Arkfalls - big events where lots of players fight a menace, are really exciting, there are minor (usually some kind of glowing rock appears and either monsters or villains want to get it, but players too) and major (you fight some minor ones and end against a very huge monster, creature, or robot), you'll win a currency that can be exchanged against guns and possibly some rare guns. They are quite varied (I met 3 different major ones) and realy fun. I want to point out that I NEVER saw any technical problem there, no slowdowns, no disappearing guns ... even if there are usually 50+ monsters and 50+ players there blazing insane guns.
I watch the TV show which I like, but the interactions are pretty limited now (about 5 "episodic" missions each week), so I'd give more than 8.5 if these interactions come to be better in the future.

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