User Rating: 8.5 | Defiance PS3
Just go play it already, this game has just enough that it should keep mostly anyone entertained. If you thought DCU was even the slightest bit fun you will LOVE this game. It's easy to pick up mechanic and ability to easily join with others to play co-op make for long hours and fun times. As gamers we have spent $60 on worse things (Let's not talk about Duke Nukem) This game is worth the money and worth your time. The micro transactions have little to do with the game so don't let that stop you. Also the way it integrates itself with the show is awesome. you can watch a 14 minute clip on on-demand. I was very skeptical and am glad I took the leap. It's not the best mmo ever made but it is better than most. I loved tabula rasa and wish it would have hung around a little longer and this game borrows the best parts of that game and also rift.