Great potential, after launch days bugs are addressed

User Rating: 8 | Defiance PS3
This game has the potential to be a great MMO. It has a very interesting story, a wide variety of weapons and items to find, and overall is fun to play. Being a new MMO, it is plagued with bugs that need to be addressed. An hour after launch, the servers were already down for maintenance. People who pre-ordered it had trouble getting their pre-order bonuses to appear. During gameplay, you will encounter issues such as graphical hiccups, like your head or other body part disappearing. Most of the bugs are minor and do not distract from the gameplay. If they pump up the server and address the problems in a timely manner, this game has the potential to have play ability for a long time to come. I give it an 8 for now. 9 if they fix the bugs. You can send in game messages to the development team when you encounter bugs and I strongly suggest everyone does to keep this game the best it can be. If you like open-world RPG type games like Borderlands, I strongly suggest you pick this one up :)