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#1 Posted by Snotplugs (25 posts) - use this link to get a 30% off your game purchase and also do add me up in game! id: Snotplugs don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the game video preview game is updated as the TV show goes on ( when tv show stops the game will continue updating and becomes the transection between seasons ) link to tv show :
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im sry but i would NOT even recomend buying the game for that much off , ppl get away with using glitches / exploits to win pvp sooooo much and dont get any form of punishment while the rest of the players that try to play legit get ignored when they raise this question to trion , trion starts locking any threads about it when ppl start posting asking , saying "its disrespectful" or any such BS line. this game is getting run into the ground by a garbage company thats stopped listening to the player base along time ago , much less responding.

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if u do notice from googling people are getting banned from defiance. so they are doing it secretly so hackers wont stop hacking lol problem is they give every player 1 chance . first ban is 72hours followed by perm ban
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