Ark Genesis Recruiting!!!

#1 Posted by SupazDavez23 (4 posts) -
I wanna start a clan that will be active for a long time, and that will use party chat and do things together : missions, pursuits, key farming, trading or giving a gun to help a fellow clan mate. I would like to have around 2 leaders and 4 officers. 2 leaders: will help me provide boost for the clan and make sure all members are happy. Like help them complete a mission, or pursuit. Or give them a weapon, shield or anything to make them stronger. 4 officers: Will be divided to help lower an higher ego players. I was thinking of something like this: Each officer will be choose a group they want to help or be assigned to one. Officers can also recruit anyone they want within their ego group. I will also help out wherever needed and recruit. So to cap this up, this clan will be together very long as long as the people who join stay active and happy which is my goal. To get online and see at least 8 clan members playing the game together!!!! So just post your gamertag or contact me via xbl GT: SupazDavez I hope to hear from a lot f you guys soon!!!!!