Take to the skies in this great space to space, air - air, and air to land combat game. Get ready to take on the aliens.

User Rating: 7.5 | Defender PS2
Defender is a air combat games that takes place in what is a future version of Earth and our solar system. In this bleak view of our future a alien race of man eaters have taken over Earth and are slowly attempting to take over the universe. Taking flight as a female pilot it is up to you to learn how to fly 6 different and unique fighters in order to retake the solar system one planet at a time.

This game isn't exactly the best ever played but it is fine for anyone who is looking for a game to tide them over between titles. With a semi-interesting plot line and plenty of combat this game takes a while to get tired of. Sadly the plot is only a few levels in length and has little to no replay or multi-player value to it making it in your best interest to try and make it last.

In this game you will need to learn not only how to fly several different ships in order to succeed but you will also have to think on your feet, learn to place allied forces in tactical positions and save innocent civilians as quickly as possible.

Overall it isn't the hardest core game ever made but it will be fine for someone waiting for a huge title that is coming out soon.