Multiplayer is fun but not as memorable as the original overall.

User Rating: 5 | Defender GC
So this game was my interpretation as the classic game restored...before I played it. To me it was only fun with multiplayer but for campaign it just irked me. The robotic feminine voice ind of got on my nerves, several missions were just plain hard and the controls sucked! Seriously why must we hold R to move and that paired with the control pad was just plain bad. Ugggh the weapons for most of the ships just sucked you missed with them most of the time, they fired so damn slow, and in addition took so much firepower to take down a mutated spider alien. The missions where you needed to protect a bunch of midgety spacemen just got cliche after awhile having to do it on so many levels. I only commend this game for multiplayer that was the only fun I had, while playing with a friend to hold off enemy aliens as long as you can and with any ship you wanted (I think there are 5 or 6 of them) was what I was hoping for not a badly controlled game with overly tiring missions.