My only beef with this masterpiece is the level cap and the ending (not being able to continue).

Other than that and a few very minor complaints, I have to say that Fallout 3 will forever be on my list of the best games ever made.

In point form:

- The Wasteland is a joy to explore. Immersive, highly stylized, intricate and loaded with cookies and points of interest.
I've seldom encountered a world I loved so much to uncover.

- Deep customization.
You can really play this game the way you want to from how you look to how you interact with others, to how you survive and how you fight (or don't fight.)
The customization options are very abundant and
my character ended up feeling very "tailor made".
My only regret is that I couldn't continue playing with her after the dreaded end game.

- NPCs are varied and have lots of personality.
Revoltingly evil, endearingly good and downright insane characters inhabit the wastelands. Not so many cookie cutters, lots of characters to meet from sweet old ladies to mad scientists, with lots of dialogue options.

- Too much to see on one playthrough. My husband and two of our friends all played it at the same time and we all had different tales to tell, had made different discoveries and had different experiences. We will all be playing through again.

-Combat is just fun. Stealth, melee, guns, grenades and VATS targeting are all satisflying and just plain fun.
Watching a leg fly off or a head blow up or placing mines, hiding and watching your enemy flying 50 feet up is just nice. :)

- Excellent dialogue and good voice acting.
Quirky soundtrack.

- Solid mythos, sweet premise presented almost flawlessly.

- Difficulty is adjustable. "Normal" is just right.

- High detail and many cookies, laugh out loud moments and things to do and be discovered.

I could keep going on.
Needless to say I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a deep, intelligent, interesting and addictive game that is truly in a league of its own.