Highly immersive due to unparallelled visuals. Multiplayer rocks. Just wish it had co-op and mouse/keyboard controls.

I'm a PC gamer but love my PS3 for MGS4, GT5 Prolog, MS:PR and Uncharted. Loved Resistance 1 co-op and very frustrated they removed it from R2. Really hoped for co-op in KZ2, sadly, it's not there. In my book that already puts it at 9/10 max. Since I hate console controllers I want to just out of principle knock this down another one point since I really think a good PC game on a good rig that gets 10/10 cannot possible score more than 8/10 on a console if you wanna do apples/apples comparisons. I won't do this since I'll be seen as a PC fanboy, so I'll stick to 9.

The thing is, the rest of Killzone 2 deserves 9/9.

The visuals are truly second to none as far as consoles go and coupled with that the sound and meticulous care that went into level design create an atmosphere that's as immersive as anything I've played. The single player campaign has a typically unsubstantial FPS storyline but since an FPS with a solid story is yet to be created (Half Life was prob closest thus far) I won't knock off points for that.

I've seen many people complain about the controls, but to be honest it's no worse than any other console game I've played (including 360 treasures like Halo 3 and GOW 2). Nothing beats a mouse and keyboard for FPS control. Period.

Then of course there's multiplayer. I've only started to get into it but as I'm typing I cannot wait to get back on. Surprisingly, I haven't played COD 4 on my PC online for the last week. Only R2 and KZ2. Hopefully I'm not becoming a console gamer, or... even worse... a PS3 fanboy.