This game is probably a BEST.

This game is a great one. Story mode is very compelling, though very confusing and lame. The experience of fighting those boss battles and even the basic aliens is great. Mechs rule, and im glad they are included in multiplayer along with the turrets and awesome weapons. Although the matches take forever to play ten minutes, and you have to join a new lobby to play another match. But once you play its like your in Heaven...but with guns. I definitely think that 7.0 is a horrible rating for this game. Hurry up and learn how to rate games Gamespot. If you think about it, Cod4 sucks compared to this! All that you basically can do is shoot! I mean COME ON! Do better than that Infinity Ward. At least Lost Planet can make a decent map. My favorite things to do in this game are grapple on to the ceiling and turn flashlight on to scare people before you kill them. This game definitely deserves an 8.5