Def Jam: Icon

User Rating: 8.7 | Def Jam: Icon PS3
Gameplay: i love how this game is a street fighting game instead of wrestling like the previous Def Jam titles. The DJ controls are pretty solid. Overall the gameplay is excellent.

Graphics: wow. one word to describe these graphics: AMAZING. The rappers look exactly like they do in real life. The venues are very good too.

Sound: This game probably has the best soundtrack ever if you're into Rap/Hip-hop. Tons of great songs and the voice acting is really good.

Value: The Story mode is way to short but replayability makes up for this. Online isnt very good because its near impossible to find someone who uses more then 3 different moves. There arent very many characters but the good thing is mostly all my favorites are in this game. The diffuculty levels are very good, Easy is easy, Medium is not to easy but not super hard, and hard is challenging.

Tilt: signing rappers to your label is a blast, so is buying new clothes chains, etc.
if you are a fan of rap you definently should get this game. If you're not then this is still a solid game. Either way its worth a try.