The only rage you will have with this game is from the bugs that the game itself have

Well i install the game go to the option menu>video setting and it only had resolution and Anti-aliasing option to change nothing more yes you cant change anything else.
Well not a big deal i played ported games before so i thought lets give it a try...
I start and right away the game just gives me artifacts and low resolution textures that are constantly loading every time you turn away to look some place.
Artifacts and low res textures mixed with low frame rates is what rage is, an unplayable buggy game.
My PC specs are:
4gb ram
i5 760
Ati 6950

And i played the game in 1680x1050 res
This is the first game i have problems running, yes the first!
I can play all the games in the higher settings except for rage that gives me 20 to 30 fps average...(and the graphics bugs)

Last game i played was Dead Island, that have bugs but not like this.
I'm tired of playing bad ports, try to fix what the developer should fix in the first place. I mean i buy a game for fun and because i want to play it not fix it, if its not ready don't sell it whats the point?

It seems that not even one person that works in ID or Bethesda test the game before releasing it...

EDIT UPDATE: 09/10/11
An 1gb auto update patch via steam was released fixing most of the problems with textures loading but not the artifacts neither the crashes that the game have all the time for no reason...

Last update: 11/10/11
Installing a preview driver ver 2(Beta drivers) for my video card fix everything and make the game running 60+ frames all the time with no artifacs or crashes till now, it took 7 days to make the game playable. I'm not gonna change the score is a shame that things like this happens the worst of all is that is a game from a AAA company not an indie...so no excuses 60 bucks for a game that took a week+1gb patch+beta drivers to be playable is a disrespect to all the players.

One last thing maybe the game its putting the textures on low because they look very bad i play the witcher 2 and looks 10 times better than this