Fair Enough

Castlevania is well known for castle, vampires, undead, whips which can be played in Nes, Snes, N64, Gameboy,Nds,Psx and the Ps2.
Unlike the other games castlevania lament innocence was the first 3D to ever hit on Ps2.

Plot: You're playing as Leon Belmont the first ever belmont who uses the whip and the ancestors of belmonts, his bethroded was kidnapped by a Vampire and he sets a journey to rescue his love from the evil vampire,

Gameplay: the graphics is good, the controls are also good you can do a combo, an aerial attack , and a the legendar subweapons cross, holy water, dagger, axe, crystal combined them with orbs to change their effects, the sounds is pretty much great as known for any castlevania series

The enemies were to easy you can kill them with only 4 hit combos, combat becomes more of a chore. It never feels like you're in danger, the bosses where some were easy some were just fair enough could not even break a sweat, that is why this game is just too short,

The stages were just like "ok ive been here" the areas have some different texture but the room looks like the same.

Overall the game is fair enough, the story is good, you will love this game more like a devil may cry games, the only disadvantage it just felt to short