Deer Hunter 2005 Cheats For PC

  1. Trophys and Gold Skins

    Some people have asked me about this stuff so i'm giving it to you all to see first i'll show trophys(for each trophy you get you get 1 skill point(6 total)you start out with 15 points) then gold skins(GS). (No. of bucks are estimates)(SS=Single Shot)

    Code Effect
    15 Bucks each GS Pump Shotgun+Rifle,MuzzleLoader,SS Rifle,Crossbow,Double-Barreled Shotgun
    20 Bucks each GS Autoloader,Lever,Bolt Rifle
    Shoot 1 World Record Buck from each Species Gold Grand Slam
    Shoot 1 Record Book Buck from each species Silver Grand Slam
    Shoot 1 Buck from each species Bronze Grand Slam
    Get a gold skin for all 14 weapons Gold Skin Trophy
    Earn 100 points Master Hunter Trophy
    Complete 10 hours of gameplay Seasoned Hunter Trophy
    10 Bucks each GS Handguns and other Bows
  2. Cheats

    Enter in a SP map otherwise the codes won't work.
    Press the [~] (tilde) key while playing and type "/cheat CODE" where CODE is one of the following cheats you want to use.
    Entering the same cheat again will deactivate it.

    Code Effect
    daredevil Prey becomes passive
    theflash Move super fast
    shine The sunn will shine brighter
    rainman Make it rain
    matrix Unknown effect
    aliens Show all preys on GPS
    predator thermal mode
    dhrambo increased shot accuracy