Review on the Deepworld administration

User Rating: 4 | Deepworld IP
Ive been playing the game for a while now. Since like, march 2013. The games great, community is okay, but what i wanted to poke at was the administration. We have 2 administrators at the moment: FRANK and Lisa. FRANK takes his job seriously Lisa is known to dick around She serves justice when needed, but only on people she no longer begins to like. I met a banned veteran in-game once. I asked her why she was banned and she said "one of the reasons was that i was on the bad side of lisa" Being on the bad side of an admin shouldnt break the terms of service. Lets see another few times when she decided to dick around. Back when a player "derpypants" emerged on forums and complained that she was banned. I feel like i was the only one who was able to understand her argument. She sent an email to lisa. In the email she mentioned that her son was under the age of thirteen. Lisa did not care, and decided to try to help anyway, but when developer jason saw that her son was under the age of thirteen, he terminated the account. Basically, lisa saw an account that went against terms of service and didn't do anything about it, but the developer did. Another time was banning another player on forums for being "spam happy" The player clearly didnt notice the edit button and just wanted to talk, but lisa banned him for it because the other people on forums did not like him and his multiple posts. A game with hundreds of thousands of players, with only 2 administrators, and one of them with a couple kids just isn't going to work out. The game itself is great, but the administration is awful, so pretty much mostly everyone can get away with anything, leading to a terrible in-game community.