This 10 hour long game is an immature joy that brings out the child in you.

User Rating: 8.5 | DeathSpank PC
Deathspank is a game that isnt suppose to be serious. With enemies like kangamoos and saber-toothed donkeys, it pretty much explains it all. The dialogs in this game is mostly hilarious with the classic "everybody is dumb" jokes. Yes, deathspank is dumb and i love it! I have countless times laughed at his dumb comments and it never gets old! And the people that speaks to Deathspank is sometimes just as fun!
The game got cartoonish 3d graphics with 2d elements and it looks very cool. The sound, the art style, the atmosphere, it really makes you smile!
Its a simple game really, you get your main important quests and you get your secondary less important quests while you slay all possible kinds of enemies to make your way through the different areas to complete them. Tons of weapons and sometimes funny looking armors to choose. Well, you dont really choose because you always take the best armor and weapon but they all look different at least and have different powers. The fighting is basic you either slash them or you shoot them and they drop plenty of loot. You can also block and while youre leveling up you can boost your skills a bit.
At first the game holds a very high funfactor but was a bit rushed at the end. Which means that 1/4 of the map is basically landscapes with barely no new quests to find. It ends really fast, just one final bossfight and then youre finished. And the funny dialog gets slimmer further on by the same reason that it was rushed. But the story all in all is very fun and you never get tired of the bragging hero Deathspank and all you want is more of this already hilarious game!