Hilarious 2.5D RPG experience, classic hack slash game with a great sense of humor. Cliff hanging game-play twists!!

User Rating: 9 | DeathSpank PC
Firstly, if you're a big fan of role playing games, you should definitely give this game a try. The gameplay is relatively simple and you don't need to worry about armors, character stats. This game works on a notion whereby new armors basically increase your base health, while defense remains a constant, thus basically you just have to tank the damage. If you don't want to tank the damage, you can learn the precision of using your shield.

The storyline is awesomely cute. There are hints along the way if you are uncertain of what to do. Death Spank operates like a sandbox kind of RPG and basically you can explore side quests or just rush through the main quests. But interestingly, once you finish exploring the entire map, you'll probably be near the max level of... =)

One thing that this game really lacks, is the customization of weapons and the discovery of rare items. But anyway, if these were included, it would become like another Fate or Torchlight RPG game. - frostdude

I guess what one of the most interesting element of this game is the hilarious narration of the characters especially the main character; Death Spank. Another new interesting game component is the "item grinder" which allows you to turn useless items into gold which can be spend to buy potions and stuff. But most of the time, you do not really need to get into the hassle of exploring for new items, as they will eventually appear on your doorstep if you're hunting the right enemies.

Although the graphics cannot beat Torchlight or Dragon Age, this new gaming experience being introduced by Electronic Arts Entertainment, really stirs a new flavor in role play games.

So yeah, I recommend you give this game a try :). Available on Steam.