This game is well worth the wait.. and the price.

User Rating: 9 | DeathSpank X360
let me just say first that i am a huge monkey island fan, i love Ron Gilbert's work on the first monkey islands and i do enjoy humor in games (particularly silly humor) and also role playing games

so about DeathSpank, my experience with the game is about 13 hours played so far, i haven't gotten to complete it yet since i played alone for a while and then restarted with a friend as the 2nd player.

The Good

Graphics are crisp and clear.
Most if not all the items are named and not randomly generated.
The coop while not what i'd call a complete coop, is still very enjoyable.
The voice acting is excellent.
The music is also excellent.
The game is very silly (good point for me)

The OK

Repetitive objectives (its mostly go grab stuff return kind of quests but i was prepared for that)
Looks kinda short. but its understandable being a XBLA title.

The Bad

Not any easy way to know if one item is better than the one you are using. you have to either remember your stats on armor or look at them. but actually if you equip an item that is "better" it will ask you if you want to sell the other one.
Sometimes you can choose the same level up card two times and not get any bonus at all.
Limits on items, especially potions (5) makes it hard sometimes cause you have to keep going to buy some (or lower the difficulty :P)

overall i think it's a stellar game with some problems that could be fixed via a small update, (item limits and comparison system).

its a lot of fun but i don't think there is a whole lot of replay value because you will most likely remember where everything is on your next play through it

not exactly a bad thing, its comparable to regular adventure games

so overall, definitely a good buy! i love it