One thong to rule them all....

User Rating: 8.5 | DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue PS3
Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue picks up where the first game left off. Deathspank after offing Lord Von Prong learned that the Artifact he had been pursuing was in fact useless and that the true power lay in the Purple Thong of Justice he wore as Von Prong also wore a similar orange thong. It turns out that six Thongs of Virtue were forged and it's up to Deathspank and Sandy Bravier to track down the other thongs and destroy them as they have corrupted their wearers. One is owned by an evil nun, another by a canabalistic cook and the third by Santa Claus. Yes, you get to kill Santa in this game.

For those who thought the first game's tone was sort, this one really goes all over the place. Where the first game had a fun, medieval RPG theme with some funny modern things in it like Taco stands and C4 explosives, this one's theme is all over the place. Deathspank starts his journey escaping from a POW camp and traveling through war striken battlefields and jungles, then the second part has you going through the old west then hopping aboard a pirate ship to sail to the North Pole. But the game retains it's wacky sense of self aware humor.

Gameplay has remained mostly the same though this time you're given guns and more explosive devices. This takes some adjustment because grenades and bazookas take some getting used to and often explode on you because it took too long to launch and the baddie got too close.

This adventure is also significantly longer than it's predecessor. The story goes that Thongs of Virtue was going to be two separate games but the devs decided to combine the two. Thankfully you get a lot for your money. The world is sprawling and massive and tons of sidequests that will have you exploring every edge of the land. The downside is you can level up extremely quickly just doing all the side missions. If you're like me and trying to get as many sidequests done as possible, you'll find yourself hitting the lvl 20 cap way before the game's end and the number of explosive weapons you gain make quick work of harder baddies like the Giant Pips.

But overall, the game is still fun if just exploring around, taking in the funny dialouge and the surprise of having to make a rather tough choice at the end.