Text game to rival the Phoenix Wright series- with apples!

User Rating: 9 | Death Note: Kira Game DS
Despite me not being able to read Japanese, I have managed to find the game translations and can play quite comfortably. This game has a great story hands down, though with some changes from the original plot due to the gameplay- which may not be the most action packed, but once you get into it the little 'Kira Games' become quite addictive. Also alot of bonuses to get with 2nd Arch Characters including Near, Mello, Mikami and Neo-Light! Sadly I can't find the bonus mission translations but what the heck. Could have been better really, would have been cool to see more use of the touch screen (the series is ABOUT writing peoples names! Come on.) would have also liked to see more depth to the story mode, but on the other hand single player is always a good romp. 9.0/10