NAMCO Keep going, with the series guys, the rating are unfair if this game scores below a 6.0!

User Rating: 8.4 | Death by Degrees PS2
Hey guys, let's seriously review this game here. I myself am not a big fan of Nina or Tekken but I still play them. When I first got the game I spent a good 3 hours on it, if not more. The story kept me engage, the fighting although simple and quite strange to get used to was challenging for me being overwhelmed by 5-10 guys at a time! The characters? Well, they could be better with less strange characters, for example we could really do without a pink-haired guy which shoots six bullets and drops his guns afterwards and we could do without a japanese lady complete with a fan mysteriously staring us down all the time. But other than that, the gameplay and objectives are kept quiet allowing players to access a more realistic experience of guessing the next goal rather than being told what to do. Imagine being told that "You have to go to the kitchen and pull out the plug" That doesn't happen in a real espionage mission, the agents are given objectives and they must find a way to complete it themselves following the mission boundaries. The graphics? I just cannot understand how Gamespot having given it a mere 6! Outragous! NAMCO are one of the world's leading Japanese game developers who particularly excell in graphics much like Konami's METAL GEAR SOLID series. I am also pretty sure that the companies know the limitations of the game and i'm sure they know what not to reduce and what to reduce when it comes to graphics. Now, a game that deserves a 6 for graphics I would say are the GTA series, although a brilliant game, the graphics sufer tremendously.

So NAMCO, if you do miraculously read this, please hear me out! Give Nina and your developers the power of the PS3 and follow some of the critics' comments. So all understanding players out there, if you played this game already, play it again, this time don't lok for faults, enjoy the stroy, enjoy the characters and enjoy the game for what it has to offer. Nina deserves another chance, and its up to us to give NAMCO another chance!