Harmony of Sound and Graphics

User Rating: 9 | Dear Esther PC
The first time I knew about the game was yesterday, I decided to download it and give it a try, and I am glad I did, its so gorgeous that I could not stop playing it until the finish.

This game is a showcase of sound and graphics, the atmosphere is so perfectly done that I felt the cold breeze on my skin while walking the beach, and the smell of the wet cave walls I explored, accompanied with one of the most beautiful music I ever heard, and the best narration and voice acting.

The game is filled with unforgettable scenes; I could not stop taking screenshots.

Despite the short game play time, this game is a work of art, since long I am trying to find a game to show how powerful my graphic card is, and if it's worth the money, now I know.

I highly recommend this piece of art to everyone, and I am sure that you will enjoy it as I did.