Possibly the most redundant, boring, useless game of all time. This game WILL make a list of the worst games ever.

User Rating: 1 | Deal or No Deal DS
You really only need one word to describe this game....BAD. In every sense of the word. Graphics hurt, game play hurts, sound hurts. Heck paying the few dollars that I did for this game hurts. I do like the show and thought to myself that this game would be good but I was wrong...really wrong.

If there was ever a TV game show that should not be a game it's this one. Repetitive game play and voice work annoy and bore you at a really fast pace. Graphics are about as bland as you can get on the DS, you would think that after all this time devs would know to add a little effort into a game. The extra modes are also just as bad, pretty much the main game with some lame twists. Most likely the hardcore fans will get something outta this game and thats why the user score is so high but don't be fooled, if you are a fan of game show games avoid this one, it's enough to make you hate the TV show and Howie as well.