Deadpool only for PS3 and Xbox360?

#1 Posted by nikolajo (1 posts) -
Can anyone here kindly explain to me WHY THE F deadpool will be released ONLY for PS3 and Xbox360 ?
#2 Posted by darkPSPfan (4934 posts) -
because chimichangas.
#3 Posted by ej_2010_ej (10 posts) -

Because the other system(Wii) is more family like & don't have bloody game. For example, it doesn't have Mortal Kombat & if you noticed it's bloody.

#4 Posted by cobrascope (1 posts) -
because those are the popular consoles and next gen won't be out for a while.
#5 Posted by andres_ak47 (57 posts) -

well, now you know that it will be available for pc.