How can a game with such a nice cover be so bad?

User Rating: 3 | Mashou NES
I thought I would love this game when I was a kid. I would stare at that beautiful cover for long moments that never seemed to end.

Then one weekend, after saving my unearned money, I bought the game and took it home, full of great expectations. I was going to play a kickass warrior, and have a kickass time!

I seriously believed this. Oh the shattered innocence which followed.


Its very hard, and not much fun. I couldn't even figure out exactly what I was supposed to be doing. And I tried... I tried many times. I thought to myself, that maybe I just wasn't good enough, and a little more practice would make it all better.

How much goddamn practice does a guy need to successfully play a game? It should not be as much as this one demands.

Do yourself a favor, and please don't ever play this game. You deserve to do that for yourself. You really do. Thank yourself for not playing this game, and go to bed knowing you are a better person for avoiding it.

I gave it a 3/10 because that cover really does kick ass.