Remember that saying "don't judge a book by its cover?"

User Rating: 8 | Red Seeds Profile X360
Soon as you start playing this game you will notice graphics of the ps2 kind, bad old school survival horror camera angles and controls, and cheesy character motions. You may think to yourself " do I really want to play this?" The answer is YES! Besides the obvious problems with the game you will be amazed by how the story, characters, and everything you can do will keep you hooked and deeply interested.

You play an unusual FBI agent who has an endless supply of knowledge about old movies and doesn't know when to shut up. His behavior will keep you and the towns folk scratching your heads. You came to this small town to solve a murder case. You travel to different locations to gather clues and solve the case. You do have a main quest to follow but there are plenty of side quests to accomplish. As your traveling around the town don't forget to talk to the numerous characters you can interact with. This game has some of the most ...unique...characters you'll ever meet in a video game. Even the zombie enemies you face will keep you entertained. ( I swear one of them told me he wanted mushrooms.) Out of all the horror games I played I have been eaten, bitten, strangled, slashed, and ripped apart.....this is the first time i had a zombie put its hand down my throat...sends chills down my spine every time i think of those moments...creepy.

Some things that may irritate you include the following: for being a tiny town there is tons of driving to do to get from one location to the next which can be frustrating and the car controls are stiff and you'll probably run into a lot of objects. If you go to pick up an item and your inventory is full, you have to wait to the message is off the screen to move which means if there is an enemy near you it will don't pick anything up until everything is dead. When talking to characters they make some weird annoying movements...some are funny and some just annoy you big time. In some areas such as a staircase the camera angle will change and the movement for your character can be a little awkward.

Overall I enjoy this game it reminds me of a classic B movie. It's the kind of bad thats so bad its good and that is good entertainment. So go out and get yourself a copy of this kooky game and enjoy. Oh and one more this...Don't ask agent York about Zach....that a private matter.