If you prefer your coffee "Black as midnight on a moonless night" definitely play this game

User Rating: 8 | Red Seeds Profile X360
Okay. So if you aren't at least 25 years old (probably more like 30) you probably won't "get" this game. The main character is constantly referencing old movies from the 80's (most of you reading this weren't even born for another decade) so it may be difficult for you to appreciate how quirky and funny this game is. I should add that Deadly Premonition is basically a video game version of Twin Peaks, a short lived television series that first aired in 1990. Sure, names and places have been changed but for the most part, this is Twin Peaks. So for all of you who still remember Special Agent Dale Cooper and company you may want to give this game a whirl. Just don't judge this game by the first 15 minutes because those are terrible and made me want to sell this game on ebay asap.

Presentation: Brilliant ideas here (a lead protagonist with a personality disorder is great fun); GREAT STORY (very intriguing); Even some of the QTEs are different than what I am used to

Graphics: PSone at best, but honestly, it adds to the charm and hilarity of it all

Sound: you will probably hate it but I for one love the same 3 songs that play over and over and over...not to mention how the music constantly drowns out the dialogue (this was done on purpose...I think)

Gameplay: downright terrible; terrible control scheme (somewhat like RE4 but feels like Alone in the Dark in its clunkyness); bad camera angles sometimes; right thumbstick/camera control is terrible; combat sequences are nearly unplayable due to bad controls; terrible map system (the city is rather large and the map doesn't zoom out enough to let you navigate easily)

Lasting appeal: really depends on your ability to put up with the bad controls, overall strangeness and repetitiveness

In all, if you have no idea who the "log lady" is, I suggest looking somewhere else; however, if you prefer your coffee "Black as midnight on a moonless night" and can deal with archaic controls then definitely give this game a shot.