Visually a marvel but a gameplay nightmare that fortunately ends fast.

User Rating: 6 | Deadlight X360
Visuals and audio are both above the indie quality I've seen for a while. Except for some soldiers speech that are poor as a '92 game. Jumping, sliding, climbing and rolling in a 3D environment but with 2D controls is fun. You avoid contact with the infected until you get a weapon and the pace is quite nice, always minding your steps. Once in combat, comes the pain: controls are randomly clumsy and swings may miss or fall short, your character is not a fighter and gets even tired. Taking down and tearing apart a shadow, the so-called zombies, is pretty easy, but you may fail more than once, if they are 3 or more try to evade. You need to beat them when they fall to the ground, some occasional head splitting can occur but don't rely on it. There are places where zombies are endless and you need to get in a place really vulnerable to open a window by shooting it and then run back to the stairs, it was really hard trying to keep ammunition and save health points. You cannot charge into combat, better use environmental weapons, trick them into traps or just escape. Gunfights suffer even more clumsiness, but you can still move back and forth while firing. There seems to be at present some bugs when reloading a weapon it turns you in the last pointed direction, in time you'll know this means death. Yes, because the pace gets really fast and you'll die trying several times before knowing what to do and how, getting so frustrated I gave up and played again next day. Other deaths because of poor control or character sensing contacts are with switches and ladders. The horrifying part is that zombies act in all the 3D environment and you in a 2D environment meaning that they will get close rushing at you while you are waiting to place a shot or a swing, getting bitten. The game can be beaten the first time in 3 hours, then you unlock Nightmare mode. This is really disappointing, the story ine is quite good, but makes me think of something already seen. All around the world there are "secrets" and things to get absolutely useless other than ammo, they should serve the purpose of making you spend time searching them but the game is so linear that you will most likely catch them all in one run. Puzzles, are too simple too. Endgame moments too difficult. Coming back to outstanding graphics, it's so amazing and beautifully painted this world of ultimate zombie apocalypse, even the flashbacks to your happy and full of love past, that you simply can't give up the game and let it get a 6/10. You took the money, you make it a legend in history games. Steam price for a 10€ of an indie game of 3 hours it's too much. Get it at -50% off