Great Turn Based game. Easy on the eye.

I must admit that I did not actually finish this game. I really hate playing Turn Based games. First of all, I get very frustrated with it having to wait for others to do things, and secondly, I suck at it.

But the bit that I played already told me that this is actually a really good game. I've watched my BF play and I can honestly say that I'm quite impressed with the Graphics for this game. It's color rich and sharp. The acting on the campaigns isn't to fantastic, but name one Strategy game that really has good acting...okay, except C&C3.

Spells are well thought out. Characters are okay designed. Sound...not so cool. Most units sound like angry Ogres when in battle.

I would say that I would recommend this game to anyone who loves a Turn Based game and want some value for their money. It should be in the Bargain Bin by now. :)