Put your space suit on and get ready to shoot some necromorphs!

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead Space PS3
You are Isaac Clarke and you are a space engineer dispatched for a routine mission to repair a communications array for the Planet Cracker-class mining ship. You end up trapped in the ship with no knowledge of what's going on and you slowly uncover terrifying secrets as you try to get your team and your self out of this hell. You have to think and you have to be able to survive , if you have non of those qualities then you better be patient 'cause you'll die more than once...

I really really really liked the story! And the campaign was amazing with a lot of twists and a lot of necromorphs! It's weird to think that you'll be scared from a video game but it's true , you really don't know what's gonna happen and the sound effects make it even scarier! But the main feeling i had during the entire game was that i wasn't going to survive! "Holy crap i don't have enough ammo!" "My health is too low and i don't have enough credits to buy health packs!"

You can easily adapt to the controls but the thing that annoyed me was the slow walking and the slow movements of the character , i felt so heavy (which i guess is what you're supposed to feel when you're wearing a freaking armor!) and when i tried to melee those damn zombies they would already eat half of my health! It was really frustrating!

Lots of trophies here! Some of them you get from the story and some you have to play the game more than once to get.

It's a great game and you should seriously buy it , or rent it (or steal it idk!).

8.5/10 ROCKS!!