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User Rating: 9 | Dead Space PC
Dead Space redefines the survival horror genre with a storyline that is full of suspense, intrigue and surprises. Gameplay is well done, though I don't particularly care for the third-person view, I would have rather had first person, but it works well for this game. Graphics are spectacular overall, very nicely done and fairly realistic as well. Dead Space wasn't exactly what I would call scary, but it is a gory and hellish bloodfest of carnage and death that will make any horror fan ecstatic with glee.

I think Dead Space would have been a bit more scary had it been done from the first person perspective because with the third person view you really can see what's coming so there aren't many real surprises to scare you. I did find myself lost in gameplay though, so it's very engrossing, I would start playing and the next thing I knew a couple hours had gone by without me even noticing it, but only a couple hours at a time is all I could stand as it's a bit repetitive with the tasks that you're ordered to do.

If you're a fan of b-movie horror, sci-fi and gaming then I can highly recommend you grabbing Dead Space for your collection.

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