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So lets go, I have the review you NEED! First off lets start with what EA Promised to deliver with this game. EA promised top of the line graphics, BIG SCARES, a new mind set for survival horror, AMAZING sounds, etc. We'll start with the Visuals, TRULY STUNNING!! whether you're watching the intro to the game in open space, or whether you're watching asteroids fly by through the large windows in an atrium, you will leave this game and hours later be thinking about how amazing it looked. It delivers on all aspects, lighting, facial construction, character animations, and even the surrounding environment on AND off the ship look above any other game.
Delivered- Yes

Next on my list of things is Sounds, we'll touch on this because it works completely based on the visuals. The sound is simply just as amazing as the games graphics. The way that the two flow together to make such an amazing world and environment. They seem to mesh together better than peanut butter and jelly. Not only are the sounds of the environment great, the voice acting was done extraordinarily well. All of the characters seem to make you feel what THEY feel by the spectacular movie like voice acting, there were times I felt as though I was watching a movie rather than playing a game. No matter how you look at it, the sound of this game is perfect.
Delivered- Yes

Now then because I mentioned the amazing voice acting above, I'll talk about the story. This stroy draws a lot of bits from older horror/sci-fi movies but manages to make it something all its own. Its massive backstory that EA has put out (Comics, Movie) has really helped us delve deeper into the world of Dead Space. All the logs in the game that you can pick up also really make you feel for what happened on the USG Ishimua. Be it a list of dead from the captain, or a video blog from someone on the ship who has seen horrible things, these logs make it fun and interesting to look for them. Sadly enough I missed three of them my first go through and am now only missing one. The story truly is something to love, EA did an amazing job with creating this games plot, characters, and the surrounding stroy.
Delivered- Yes

Next we are going to talk about these Big scares that EA promised. Well, we're gonna put it this way. If you are extremely jumpy, you MAY get scared. Truth is if you're looking to be scared, this isn't a scary game. There were I believe only two areas that simply surprised me, not scared me. There is a BIG difference. Scare factor was one of the things I was hoping EA would deliver on, sadly though they simply did not carry this out.
Delivered- No

Now we can touch on possibly the BEST thing promised with this game. Early on EA said, they did not want the standard aim for the head mind set people are used to. They wanted something that required more refined movement to add to the tense gameplay. Strategic Dismemberment was what they decided to name this mechanic. It not only Looked great, it was very satisfying. To use stasis on an enemy and watch him slowly come at you, while you tear his limbs off one by one and watch the armless, legless heap of meat fall to the floor, call me sick but this is possibly the most fun I have had in a game in a LONG time. The game already was pretty intense in the more difficult modes, but then to add having to take limbs off instead of just a head, this made it all the more enticing and tactical. This new idea may have single handedly reinvented the survival horror genre by adding this simple core gameplay fun factor. Delivered- YES!! I have played this game a total of three times so far and am on my fourth go through right now, the replayability is great. I have quite literally, seen something new each instance of playing through this game, yes there are the scripted pieces of the game that you will always see, but there are rooms, and small scripted animations that you may miss if you aren't paying attention, however the small animations do help make up a great feel to the game. The extra rooms are also great because then you don't feel like you are playing through the game the same way every time. I will agree with gamespots review that doing some of the backtracking in the game is a bit tiring and makes the world feel smaller than it actually is. However when you do backtrack, most of the time the world in which you're revisiting has changed a bit, be it different lights being out, more blood and such around, etc. Over all the game is astounding. I went looking for errors and glitches and all that I found were small collision detection errors. If you are standing too near a table and look down a bit too far, it throws you back about a foot or if you are walking around a corner too close your gun will get caught and you wont move. small collision errors, but not too bad. Other wise no glitches I experienced. Framerate was very steady, unless you're blowing a lot of crap up, you will not see this at all. It keeps a pretty steady rate.

Now I will just touch on this briefly because, well, I cant go without saying something. Do you remember the days of GIANT bosses that stay fun and look really GREAT!!! Remember NO MORE!! Dead space has some of the best boss fights in a long time. I think that it has been since the 90's that I have played bosses that top you in scale on such a large amount that you go "OH CRAP!!" The second you see it. You get that sinking feeling that you're going to just get torn apart. Whether you die or not, the bosses are really fun and cool. Ill admit I died once fighting the boss on chapter 6, however I beat the final Boss first go. I went through Normal twice to get fully upgraded, Played through hard, and am now on the unlocked IMPOSSIBLE mode getting the final achievement. Over all this game Delivered, and not just slightly, it delivered on an EPIC scale. I was really afraid this would be another game that let down on its completion (cough Alone In The Dark cough) but it made me happy I spent the $60 dollars on it. No matter what kind of game you like, Dead Space is the game for you. I hope you all enjoyed my review of Dead Space. This is not my first review, If you liked my review write me or request me as a friend on here and I will start picking up on more reviews that you NEED to read. Thanks and have fun playing Dead Space.


Written By: Nicholas Ramirez

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