It's a great addition to the Dead Space universe, but there's nothing tremendously exciting about it.

User Rating: 8 | Dead Space: Extraction WII
After played Dead Space Extraction, I can safely say I am satisfied with the outcome. I played and loved the original Dead Space, so when I heard an on-the-rails version was going to be released, I was a bit nervous. Usually on-the-rails versions of successful franchises just don't seem to live up to expectations, and that didn't really apply to Dead Space Extraction.

There's not a huge amount of "wow" to the game, but it wasn't disappointing in any way at all.

I had fun playing the game, and it actually did scare me, and probably will scare you too. It may not be worth a buy if you are uneasy about rail shooters, just a rental. But if you like rail shooters, I can safely say that you should go out and buy it, because it is most likely the best of its kind. I still recommend you try it out, because it left me very satisfied, and probably will with you too.