Dead Space 3 trys to add new features with modfiying weapons and co - op but it abandons it's roots.

User Rating: 7 | Dead Space 3 PS3
When Dead Space came along the series had that bit of fear in the first game something that certain games were missing. Number 2 while it had it's moments missed those and number 3 just totally forgets about what the series is supposed to be.


Well as Issac Clarke yet again there are Markers all across the galaxy that need taking down and you have to put an end to it.


Now this is the biggest fundament change the game has co -op where you can team up with someone via online. While it was a nice interesting feature it takes the thing that Dead Space is about. The fear effect it does run nice and smoothly through online but it wasn't needed really.

Another thing that was introduced was a checkpoint system and to be honest the save feature was a much better idea because one time I got to near the end of chapter 6 then it pushed me all the way back to chapter 5.

Also what the game has is alot of Necomorphs on screen at once but you don't have to worry because you get plenty of ammo laying around in crates and stuff and speaking of new stuff. You can modify your gun to turn it into a heavy piece of equipment which makes you vastly superior to you opponents by sending like Search Bots to look for resources around the area. Also add the beginning in one section you aren't even attacking Necomorphs just these men.

There are some good things to say though the game has got some interesting ideas like you can mix certain bits of materials to get things like Larger Medi KIts or Stasis. The action is just as it was in Dead Space 2 and it adds a few side mission when you play co - op so it gives you a reason to play it.


The snow effects at the start of the game are excellent as are the character models as well. It's just sometimes in areas you can hardly see whats coming at you or firing sometimes.


You will probably play it through once in single player and once in co - op but after that there really is nothing to go back for.

Overall Opinion

Dead Space 3 isn't a bad game it just feels like the producers tried to throw in co - op to add something new and the Weapon Modifactions while a nice idea can get a bit confusing and take ages to learn, It's not a bad game just not a great game.

Overall Score 7