It's Dead space, but in a way is less...

User Rating: 8 | Dead Space 3 PC
In the third iteration of Dead Space you're the same Isaac Clarke and your mission is to destroy the Marker and save the entire human race. You get a save mission and you pursue a SOS signal and afterwards you get to a ship where you find everyone infected by this disease the Maker brings to the world. It can create mutants and bring back the dead. You must fight also against Danika, a mad scientist who believes the Marker can purify our sins through destruction.
The gameplay is as you know it: the third-person perspective. You are dressed up in the same futuristic suit which you can improve at the bench. The weapons can be upgraded using different resources. The enemies are the same, the same mutated freaks which you must deal with. Overall it's easy to deal them, but there are some moments when you get them with difficulty. That's why you should use the statis. What I did not like about it? well, the feeling is not the same, you're not scared as in the previous iterations. The final boss is a joke. You kill it on first trial. And this is no good.
There are some great puzzles, lots of puzzles, but I must say all of them are far too easy. I won't describe to you all the weapons and the environment because I don't want to spoil your journey in this game. It's not a bad game, but it's far too easy and the Dead Space feeling is fading. Horror is not so much horror.