Scary, Riveting, Thrilling, Customization, It's got it all!

User Rating: 10 | Dead Space 3 PS3
I don't review much. So let me keep it real simple. This game is not getting the credit it deserves. This is one of the best games I've ever played. It's got one of the coolest story's, musical score's, graphics, etc. that I've seen in a game. It reminds me of Uncharted in the way that it is very story and adventure based.

I've played the crap out of every Dead Space. I love them all. And I'm an RPG guy first before I'm a horror gamer, so I was initially not excited about playing a game like this. This game does it for me with it's customization in guns and suits. It makes it feel very Mass Effecty but with more fun gameplay. The gun customization is insane, I spend tons of time crafting new guns and playing around with that system that I realize I haven't done anything but that and it's been 30 minutes. Great fun.

Also, play this with your PULSE headset and you will not sleep at night for fear of monsters in your bed!