The Phoenix Experience

User Rating: 8 | Dead Space 3 PS3
While the Dead Space franchise did take a slightly different approach besides my minor complaints I have towards the game such as not being shown armor when upgrading the rig at the suit kiosk the game doesn't fall short of being able to call it a well developed game. When you play in Co-op and on a higher difficulty (provided you get yourself a good partner bc you have no friends so you play through quick match) (not really!) things can get pretty intense! While not as scary as the first 2 this one can still have it's moments even with a partner even granted that things feel safer when you have someone else their. Turn the lights down low and crank up the volume like any survival/horror/action game is meant to be played (or any game for that matter) and you'll have yourself a bonafide experience sure to please. Weapon crafting is an excellent addition to the game and once learned using all the different types of weapons you've created and or mastered is pretty fun. There are likes and dislikes towards this game one of the major dislikes would be EA's micro-transactions but hey, no one says that you need to buy into the B.S. right? Besides that however I would recommend it even if it's geared towards a "larger fan base."