Yet another Decent horror name that moves to packed action and unnecessary elements..

User Rating: 6.5 | Dead Space 3 PS3
For the name Dead Space , a really good horror game that really kicked it off for the first one, has been going the way most horror games are going nowadays, and not for the best.
Resident Evil 5 in SPACE!!!
First of all the tacked on multiplayer is back yet again, where servers will eventually be empty by the end of april if not sooner, along with the new addition of co-op which completely takes the horror out of what dead space should be still, a single player, alone in the void of space with nothing but tension and wonder of whats around you or coming for you.
That's gone.
Also , for the people who still care greatly about graphics...
>still caring about graphics
They are what's decent about this game, even tho they are about the same as Dead Space 2 if not a smidgen better, but not enough to build interest towards it.
Most of the environment is more open then it should be, with much added unnecessary space, kind of like an area where you expect something big to happen, but nothing does, its just there.
The new weapon creation system is another OK thing about Dead Space 3, but feels like it was tacked in to add some kind of spice to what the team knew was a somewhat unnaturally bland horror game and really has no impact of the game other then to hold up the "p4f" aspect, which leads to another thing....paying for crap IN GAME...really? does this need explaining?
Also the brand new COVER SYSTEM, thats right, to take cover while other enemies are shooting at you...yes...there are now enemies with guns too.