What Do Ration Do?

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I have about 90 rations and wanted to know if they come into play anywhere in the game or are they just for dlc purposes? Is there something I should be saving them for?

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Just DLC, I have over 400 now, but I'm not doing any DLC till I've unlocked all the non-dlc.....theres just so much!
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Just 2 notes 1) There is no content adding DLC in the game, it is either suits or upgrades for the savager bot 2) Ration's only give you things under the resource packs can be bought with rations, and there is only three of them, the first being just a resource pack with a few resources, an ultra weapon and bigger resource pack, and an epic weapon and even bigger resource pack and just BTW, the suits / weapons packs and the Tau Volantis Survival Kit are pointless sense suits don't upgrade anything anymore, but the Bot personally is awesome but gets annoying, and the Capacity and accelerator is cool because you get more resources faster
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If you use the rations for DLC don't buy the 60 ration pack, get two 30's. You will get the same number of resources and an extra chance for a MK V part over the 60.


For one 60 ration pack you get two MK V parts with a chance at a 3rd.

For two 30 ration packs you get the same number of resources, two MK V parts and two chances for another two MK V parts. So for two 30 packs you will get the same number of resources and 2 MK V parts and possibly 4 MK V parts whereas for the 60 you get 2 MK V parts with a chance at 3 MK V parts max.

Also keep those salvage bots out and they will pile up the rations.