Weapons & Crafting - Tips and Tricks

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 - Barring the stats of the upgrade circuits you use, there is no limit to how far you can increase a particular stat on a weapon. You can put 4 +3 CLP circuits on a chain gun and each one will increase your clip size by the same amount, even if the CLP bar is already full. A Shotgun can be upgraded to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Many lulzy combinations are possible.

 - Dead Space 3 uses universal ammo, but each weapon has a specific ammo ratio. The Contact Beam, for instance, has a 1:1 ratio by default, so each shot costs one ammo pack to fire.

 - Not only does upgrading CLP increase your clip size, it also upgrades your weapon's ammo ratio. The Chain Gun, which by default has a 1:25 ammo ratio, can be upgraded to more than 1:60 ammo ratio, meaning you get 60+ rounds of ammo per ammo pack. A full stack of ammo packs will give you 1300+ rounds of ammunition (say goodbye to ammo conservation, if that ever existed in this game).

 - +RLD circuits, wherever they are placed, will upgrade the reload stat of both your upper and lower tool.

 - Certain weapons are only available in the Upper or Lower tool. The Hydraulic Engine, for instance, can only be placed in the Lower Tool.

 - You can deal extra damage to a necromorph if you can hit more than one limb with one shot. This is doable with the Plasma Cutter, not just the Line Gun.


My favorite weapon: Choice Heavy Frame, Telemetry Spike, Diffraction Torus, Choice Lower Tool, Damage Support, Stasis Coating, 4x +3DMG +3CLP upgrades.

Creates a Chaingun with 200+ ammo capacity, a single stack of ammo gives you 1300+ rounds, and does killer damage. Mows through crowds like nothing, never have to carry more than one stack of ammo and at the rate ammo drops in this game, even on Impossible, you'll never run out of ammo again.

You can swap out the Stasis Coating for an Ammo Box and never ever have to reload in the middle of a fight again.

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Some of your information is wrong. Ammo efficiency does NOT depend on the kind of weapon type, but purely depends on the size of the magazine. It always takes 4 Ammo Clips to fully reload a magazine.